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Selection of recent testimonials - 2019

"Tattingstone is a lovely little school and not too many children. Just the right class sizes to ensure the children have enough support"


"The forest school experience is an excellent addition to their learning"


"I have felt very supported his year in dealing with my child’s anxiety issues"


"Yes, best decision I made moving my children to Tattingstone"


"Lots of opportunities to see what the children have been learning is good and most of the time I can make one or two, not all"


"I very much enjoy coming to class to see what is happening, and assemblies are lovely too"


"Great new classrooms"


"Fantastic opportunities outside the classroom with various trips and outings"


"Keep up the good work. Parents really appreciate everything you all do"


"I have no concerns at all and my child will be very sad to leave Puffins. Tattingstone school is a brilliant school for my children"




To the staff and students of Tattingstone CEVCP School

A huge WELL DONE for taking part in


on Saturday 9 March 2019.


We just wanted to say a big thank you from everyone here at Snape Maltings. We really enjoyed having you here to perform in the Snape Maltings Concert Hall, and hope you had a brilliant day!

We’d love to see you all again so do look out for other opportunities here at Snape Maltings.




Testimonial from 'Celebration of Music' at Snape Maltings, March 2019


Dear Mrs Derrett


I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the performance your pupils gave at Saturday’s concert at Snape. It was a real treat to see such young children on the stage, performing with great aplomb and not a sign of nerves. 


It was just a joy to watch them perform with such confidence and enthusiasm as well as to a high quality and with great stage presence and discipline. I loved their demonstration of signing and their ability to keep it up and sing at the same time was particularly impressive.  Congratulations to all concerned.


At a time when music education in schools is in such peril, the commitment of you and your staff to such a venture is so heartening.  It really lifted my spirits.


I am a regular at Snape and a great admirer of the work of Lizzie Woods and her team.  I appreciate that getting emails out of the blue from people you don’t know is a potential issue for a school, so as you can see, I have copied Lizzie into this email – she will vouch for me if you need someone to do that.


Best wishes


'A Snape Regular'



2017/18 Testimonials


“I am pleased with how my child has progressed since starting school”


“Absolutely agree, my daughter has learnt to read and write at such a young age but more importantly loves it”


“Really happy with how first year has gone. Confidence really developing. Thank you”


“I have been pleased with the teaching my child has received”


“The teachers strategies in Ducklings is second to none” “Responded well to all in the year. Impressed how quickly reading & writing”


“Really has developed well. Confidence improving”


“My daughter loves going to school and learning”


“I am pleased with how my child has settled into class and school life”


“Great to see how all ages mix well and older look out for younger” “I have had no issues with my daughter”


 “Would not hesitate to recommend Ducklings/Tattingstone to any parent” “Would always recommend lovely school”


“I would and have recommended the school to others”


“Without a doubt no issues at all and feel very safe leaving my children in your care”


“Fantastic school” 


“Yes. Totally” “My child feels well looked after”


“I would recommend the school” “Yes I would. The grass is usually not greener on the other side”


We are happy that Kingfisher’s class made my child feel welcome, supported & happy” “Oh yes!”


“We are very pleased with my daughter’s progress!” “I am very pleased with how my son has settled into Grebes. He likes being at Tattingstone very much”


“My daughter has been appropriately challenged in her learning in Grebes”


“My son has been taught very well and is getting used to being with Years 5/6”


“My child's teacher is a fantastic teacher”


“Tattingstone is a very close, friendly school, which is lovely”


“I highly recommend this school. I wish my son had begun his school years here from reception”




My child could not hold a pencil properly at the start of the school year. He now writes very confidently (Reception parent).


Teachers have always kept us informed of his progress.


The whole school seems to have caring ethos. All children from all years look out for one another and help and comfort one another.


The school has a lovely family atmosphere where all pupils look out for each other across all year groups. All the teachers are very friendly and approachable.


My child is very happy at Tattingstone, loves going to school and is making amazing progress, and is encouraged to reach his full potential – I couldn’t ask for more!


It has been the best experience of my child’s school life. The care and attention has been exemplary. I couldn’t agree more that he has made good progress. He has caught up after being very behind (parent of a child who joined Tattingstone at the beginning of Year 6).


Absolutely agree that my child has been well looked after – he is a different boy almost and been nurtured to his true potential.


I have recommended the school already – over and over!