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House Points

There are four houses at Tattingstone. These are Yellow (Ursa), Red (Andromeda), Green (Draco) and Black (Polaris).
Children have the opportunity to win house points for their house through a wide range of activities. These include homework, sports days, Shining Light Awards as well as acts of kindness and good behaviour.
Every term the house points are tallied up and the winning house is given a mention in our Awards Assembly. At the end of each school year, on Sports Day the house with the most points is awarded the school trophy.

School year 2019 / 2020

Below are the total amount of house points to date


House Point Totals— End of  Autumn 2 2019

Black –214 house points + 96 attendance = 310

Green – 189 house points + 97 attendance points = 286

Red – 263 house points + 96 attendance points = 359

Yellow – 213 house points + 95 attendance points = 308