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Night Owls is Tattingstone Primary School's After School Club.  It runs every night of the week, and children can either stay till 5.15 PM or 6 PM if booked at least 2 weeks in advance.  If children stay till 5.15 PM, it costs £6.50 and they receive a drink and a snack.  If children stay till 6 PM, it costs £15 and they receive a snack, a drink, and a small meal between 5 and 6 PM.  There is no set menu for Night Owls but children can choose from the menu below.  Activities at Nights Owls varies.  Some days children choose to listen to music, watch a film, draw, play on the laptops, read, play with the variety of toys, and most days they get to play outside (weather permitting).  Occasionally, Night Owls will do activities together like cooking or sports activities.  Booking ahead is essential, and children should be booked into the club no later than the morning of the desired day you wish them to attend .  Ask in school, or call the School Office, if you have any questions.

Night Owls Menu


Sausage or sausage roll


Potato Waffles

Pasta / pasta bake / bolognaise


Fish fingers

Baked beans



Ice cream / lollies

Chocolate biscuit / Wafer


Activities at Night Owls

After School Club Letter Sept 2019