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Ofsted is inviting parents from all schools to join a Parent Panel.  For more information see the Ofsted Webpage  

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Requests for leave of absence for your child during term time, should be put in writing to:


Mrs Derrett,

Head Teacher

Tattingstone Primary School,

Church Road,




Phone: 01473 328488



Other Information

Do you have a child that worries too much, has anxieties, bad habits, temper flares, dreads bed, has ocd or grumbles too much. We have been recommended a set of books by a parent who has used one with their child. 


Quote from parent "They are lovely books, which are completely child-centred and allows the child & parent to work through the issues in a way that the child can understand; and then provides practical solutions to take back control".


Please see attached document with photos of the books and where they can be purchased.

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Requests for a paper copy of the information on the school website can be obtained from the school office, free of charge.