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Mrs Cocksedge

Welcome to Puffins Class Web page.


Autumn 2023


Hope you have all had an amazing summer. The time has flown by and we are back at school. The children have had a great start to the new term which is lovely to see. Long may this continue.


If you do ever need to have a chat please catch me after school.


Mrs Cocksedge


Ducklings & Puffins Class Parent Newsletter Autumn 1 2023


Welcome to all of our new Ducklings and their families and our returning children who are now Puffins. I hope you all had a lovely summer break and the children got to relax and enjoy themselves doing whatever makes them happy. The children have settled brilliantly into school and it is nice to see the Year 1’s helping our Ducklings with our day to day routines. Thank you Puffins!


Don’t forget you can always catch me at the end of the day if you need a chat. If you need a message passed onto me in the morning that you haven't written in your child’s reading diary then please either speak to a member of staff on the school gate or Mrs Bartlett in the school office. Mrs Cocksedge


Our Learning this Half Term for Puffins (Year 1)



In Maths our learning will be based around the areas of Shape, Place Value and Addition & Subtraction: including recognising numbers up to 20.



Our learning in English will be centred around the book ‘Wanted—The Perfect Pet’, by Fiona Robertson. We will be writing labels, creating an advert and recounting also known as retelling the story


Foundation Subjects

We are going to be learning the following.


Some of which link nicely with our book ‘Wanted—The Perfect Pet’

Exploring everyday materials

What is the weather like in the UK?

Computing systems and networks

Music : On this Island - British songs and sounds

Painting and mixed media Structures:

Constructing a windmill Judaism—Teshuvah

PSHE—Family & Relationships


On-going Learning for the Term for Puffins



Read Write Inc

Regular reading (with an adult and independently)


Home Learning projects


This is aimed at Puffins however would be lovely if Ducklings would like to join in also.

We would like to request that your child completes at least 2 pieces of home-learning over this half term. The children earn stickers for any home-learning brought in so once they have finished a piece so please bring it in to school.


English / Art - Draw a picture of your perfect pet (our class reader) and label it’s features. Eg. for a dog—a fluffy black tail.


Art -Paint a self portrait for our class display. Puffins—see if you can remember the names of the 3 Primary colours and what paints you need to mix together to make secondary colours.


Science- Explore different materials in your house eg. plastic, cardboard, wool. Can you recycle the materials and create a collage of your own choice eg. your perfect pet, or self-portrait, etc.


Geography -Create a weather chart and record the weather each day for 7 days. The chart would be good if it included the day, weather and temperature. See how creative you can be.


Maths -Create your own numberline (up to 10 or 20) using natural objects eg. 1 pine cone, 2 leaves.


Computing -This half term we are using the computers. We are using a paint programme to get the children used to using a mouse, selecting colours and changing their brushes. Any support at home would be appreciated.


R.E - shofar is blown on Rosh Hashanah to start calling people to think about the wrong things they have done and put them right. It is then blown every day for ten days until the very special day of Yom Kippur. Have a go at making a Shofar and bring it into school to blow!


Thanks Mrs Cocksedge


Spring 1 2023


Our Topics this Term – Our Wonderful World


Happy New Year to you all. We hope you had a lovely Christmas and a well-deserved break.

We would like to thank you for all the lovely gifts we received. It was very kind and thoughtful.


We are very much looking forward to brighter and lighter days so we can get outside more so roll on Spring. If you need to speak to us please catch us at the gate or speak to Mrs Bartlett in the office.


Mrs Cocksedge and Mr Ward


Our Learning this Half Term




In Maths we will be covering a vast array of topic areas this half-term, such as place value within 20 (Y1), addition and subtraction within 20 (Y1), money (Y2) and multiplication and division (Y2). We will also finish off our Shape topic from before Christmas.  




Our learning in English will be centred around the book ‘The Dark’ by Lemony Snicket, an interesting book which depicts conquering the dark. We will explore the story using drama and role play, write a recount in role as a fictional character, write a story based upon the narrative of the book, reflecting on our reading and composing poetry in response to images, stories and known poems.  


Foundation Subjects


We are going to be learning the following and some link nicely with our books above:-


  • Science – Seasonal change
  • Computing - Computer systems and networks
  • Geography - Why is our world wonderful?
  • P.S.H.E – Health and Wellbeing
  • DT – Making a moving monster
  • Music - Pulse and Rhythm – All about me
  • R.E – What did Jesus teach about God in his parables?
  • P.E – Gymnastics / Movement


Home Learning projects


We would just like to say a big thank you to all parents / carers and their children for creating some amazing homework last half term. You were very creative and it has a pleasure for the children to share their home learning with the class. Well done children.


  • English –

Write down at least 3 questions that you would like to ask ‘The Dark’ – don’t forget to use a question mark at the end of your question, begin with a capital letter and make them as interesting as you can!


  • Maths –

Choose from one of these challenges:

(Y1): Can you count from 1 to 20 using practical objects such as stones, sticks, counters, toys or whatever you have in your house?

(Y2): Choose either the 2, 5 or 10 times table. Can you show this times table using practical objects?



Example of showing 2 x 2 from the 2 times table. 2 groups of 2 counters.




  • Geography - Why is our world wonderful?

Go on a walk around your local area. Write down or take a photo of three human features that you can see and three physical features that you can see. I wonder who can find a feature that could be either human or physical?


  • P.S.H.E – Health and Wellbeing

Take the time to talk regularly with someone you trust – could be mum, dad, brother, sister, grandma, grandad – about how you are feeling. If you are able to, tell them why you are feeling this way. Sometimes we don’t always know why we are feeling a certain way (this includes adults) but talking with somebody can help us to respond to these feelings in a positive and effective manner.


  • Science – Seasonal change

Think about the different seasons and either draw or paint a picture of what the outdoors would look like in that season i.e. winter – snow, snowmen, tree covered in snow or summer – sunshine, ice-cream, bucket and spade


  • Computing –

Have fun logging on to sketchpad which we will be using in class. This can be found on

Activity to decorate the blank page and include your name – print or email your finished masterpiece


  • DT – Making a moving monster

Make a monster using recycled materials with moving body parts. You could even write some instructions as to how it moves.


  • Music - Pulse and Rhythm – All about me

To make an instrument that you can make simple rhythms on i.e. shaker, drum, guitar with elastic bands., claves using sticks


  • R.E – Epiphany

See if you can find out what Epiphany is and put into a poster or presentation to share with the class.


  • P.E – Gymnastics

Create a routine at home that could be recorded and emailed to the school office. It might include jumps and rolls like pencil jumps and rolls, star jumps, straddle jump or even leaping and skipping. If you can’t record your routine then draw the different activities and you could show us live. Remember however our classroom isn’t very big.



We would like to request that your child completes at least 2 pieces of homework over this half term. The children earn stickers for any homework brought in so once they have finished a piece please bring it in to school.






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Autumn 2017 - Summer 2018

From April 2018, there will be a whole school newsletter sent out on a monthly basis.  Each class will contribute to this newsletter.  It can be found in "whole school newsletters".
Spring Term Newsletters

Our Mosaic activity for celebrating our schools 175th Birthday.

If your child was in Yellow group / Mrs Bradshaw's group for the trip then photos will appear on the Ducklings class page as and when posted.


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P.E - Gymnastics



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Volunteers needed!


Are you free to help out in school with either a bit of planting or gardening. If you are interested please speak to Mrs Cocksedge or Mrs Derrett. Thanks for all your support.

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Our Computing Lesson making cone creations after writing and debugging their recipe.
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