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Special Mention - TTRockstars Achievement Jan 2021


Battle of the Bands is a competition where children complete times table against a timer. It is quick!  


For the 01.02 - 05.02 - Competition was Grebes and Kingfishers girls vs Grebes and Kingfisher boys.

The winners were as follows:-

Jessica Clarke, Sylvie Nowers and Charlotte Cocksedge



For the 11.01 - 14.01 there was a competition between Kingfishers and Grebes and the following children were the most valuable players and received certificates in the post. 


Kingfishers - Charlotte Cocksedge, Isla Sivyer, Sylvie Nowers

Grebes - Cassie McNally, Lewis Ashmore , Mason Sivyer.


Well done to all the children! Very proud of you all!