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World Book Day 2020

Houses of Parliament Trip Sept 2019

Sports day

Hoodwinked - End of year performance

Grand opening of our 2 new classrooms

Under 9's Handball Festival at Inspire - 25th April 2019

Skiing Spring Half Term 2

Puffins & Ducklings Trip to Christchurch Mansion

Cycle Helmet Fitting - January 2019

Computational Thinking at Adastral Park - Years 3 & 4 - January 2019

Whole School Trip to Panto - Cinderella - January 2019

Silent Night - Nativity - Dec 2018

Samaritan's Purse - Shoebox Appeal


This month some children visited St John's Church in Ipswich to deliver the shoe boxes.  We took 47 in total, our new record (was previously 44).  Isaac, Phoebe, Aiden and Chloe were very well behaved and worked hard sorting a shoe box to make sure the contents were alright for a 10-14 year old boy and packing it in the large cardboard boxes ready to load onto the container.  They were rewarded with chocolate coins, orange squash and a biscuit!

Ski Club Autumn Half Term 2

World War 1 Art Exhibition in St. Marys Church

Role of Women in World War 1

Our Harvest Festival Celebration

Aladdin Trouble - Photos from Evening performance. The children worked so hard and it showed. Well done all!

Father's Day Lunch - It was lovely to see so many Dad's / Grandad's come and join us for lunch! Hope you had a lovely day on Sunday!

Pentecost Day - Led by Reverend Annette Shannon

Easter Service at Wherstead Church

Farewell Mrs Perkins

Grebes Easter Service

Under 7s Gymnastics Festival



Pupils from Tattingstone School were invited to take part in a Philosothon at St Andrew’s Church on Thursday 8th February.


A Philosothon is a competition wherein students explore philosophical and ethical issues. At a Philosothon students are assessed and score highly where they demonstrate rigour and clarity of thought. An essential component of a Philosothon is the pedagogical model for teaching Philosophy to young people called ‘Community of inquiry. The rationale for the Philosothon methodology is based on evidence that teaching children reasoning skills early in life greatly improves other cognitive and academic skills and greatly assists learning in general.


The pupils participated in a series of Communities of Inquiry which are facilitated by teachers. While participating in this process students are scored. The scores are then collated, ranked and at the end, certificates, awards and/or prizes will be given to pupils.


One of our year 4 pupils, Wilf, writes about his experience at the Philosothon below.


“On Thursday 8th February, we were invited to take part in a Philosothon. There were three schools involved, six children from Tattingstone went but there were 70 children altogether.


When we arrived we were split into three groups and given a picture of a child, working in an Indonesian factory, to discuss. We had to come up with questions that could be asked about the picture. The idea was that after you answered the questions they would give you more information than just looking at the picture on its own. The teachers then chose one of our questions as we had to debate what the answer could be.


The day made us think and question in a different way. It was exciting being able to share our thoughts and opinions with other children. “

Science Museum

Snape 2018 - Celebration

World Book Day

The Magical Christmas Jigsaw - December 2017

Christmas Lunch - Dec 2017

Bright day held by our JRSO's

Harvest Festival

Macmillan Coffee morning

Sports Day (House group activities morning / Sports afternoon)