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Recent events/performances

World Book Day 2020

Houses of Parliament Trip Sept 2019

Sports day

Hoodwinked - End of year performance

Grand opening of our 2 new classrooms

Under 9's Handball Festival at Inspire - 25th April 2019

Skiing Spring Half Term 2

Puffins & Ducklings Trip to Christchurch Mansion

Cycle Helmet Fitting - January 2019

Computational Thinking at Adastral Park - Years 3 & 4 - January 2019

Whole School Trip to Panto - Cinderella - January 2019

Silent Night - Nativity - Dec 2018

Samaritan's Purse - Shoebox Appeal


This month some children visited St John's Church in Ipswich to deliver the shoe boxes.  We took 47 in total, our new record (was previously 44).  Isaac, Phoebe, Aiden and Chloe were very well behaved and worked hard sorting a shoe box to make sure the contents were alright for a 10-14 year old boy and packing it in the large cardboard boxes ready to load onto the container.  They were rewarded with chocolate coins, orange squash and a biscuit!

Ski Club Autumn Half Term 2

World War 1 Art Exhibition in St. Marys Church

Role of Women in World War 1

Our Harvest Festival Celebration

Aladdin Trouble - Photos from Evening performance. The children worked so hard and it showed. Well done all!

Father's Day Lunch - It was lovely to see so many Dad's / Grandad's come and join us for lunch! Hope you had a lovely day on Sunday!

Pentecost Day - Led by Reverend Annette Shannon

Easter Service at Wherstead Church

Farewell Mrs Perkins

Grebes Easter Service

Under 7s Gymnastics Festival



Pupils from Tattingstone School were invited to take part in a Philosothon at St Andrew’s Church on Thursday 8th February.


A Philosothon is a competition wherein students explore philosophical and ethical issues. At a Philosothon students are assessed and score highly where they demonstrate rigour and clarity of thought. An essential component of a Philosothon is the pedagogical model for teaching Philosophy to young people called ‘Community of inquiry. The rationale for the Philosothon methodology is based on evidence that teaching children reasoning skills early in life greatly improves other cognitive and academic skills and greatly assists learning in general.


The pupils participated in a series of Communities of Inquiry which are facilitated by teachers. While participating in this process students are scored. The scores are then collated, ranked and at the end, certificates, awards and/or prizes will be given to pupils.


One of our year 4 pupils, Wilf, writes about his experience at the Philosothon below.


“On Thursday 8th February, we were invited to take part in a Philosothon. There were three schools involved, six children from Tattingstone went but there were 70 children altogether.


When we arrived we were split into three groups and given a picture of a child, working in an Indonesian factory, to discuss. We had to come up with questions that could be asked about the picture. The idea was that after you answered the questions they would give you more information than just looking at the picture on its own. The teachers then chose one of our questions as we had to debate what the answer could be.


The day made us think and question in a different way. It was exciting being able to share our thoughts and opinions with other children. “

Science Museum

Snape 2018 - Celebration

World Book Day

The Magical Christmas Jigsaw - December 2017

Christmas Lunch - Dec 2017

Bright day held by our JRSO's

Harvest Festival

Macmillan Coffee morning

Sports Day (House group activities morning / Sports afternoon)

End of term performance - Jonah, a fishy tail

Our JRSO's achieved the Gold Award - Well done children!


Life Exhibition

Kwik Cricket

Our Easter Service at Wherstead Church

Our Victorian day


Our new play equipment


Today our new play equipment was available to play on once the ribbon had been cut. What fun they had.


Author visit by Margie and Peter North

Story : Goose on the Loose


Children were very engaged with our visitors and are able to order a copy of the book from the school office.


Snape Maltings - Celebration of 30 years of music


This year 21 children took to the stage at Snape Maltings . The children sang a medley of songs throughout the seasons which they selected. Amazing night - Well done children - You did us proud!


International Women's Day - March 2017


We had a few speakers in throughout the day to tell us about their life.


Chinese New Year Celebrations


We had a special day in school which involved painting and learning a Chinese dance.


Children of the World Nativity - Dec 2016
Christingle Service - Dec 2016

Everlasting Light Concert at the Spa Pavillion, Felixstowe - Dec 2016


Samaritan's Purse - Shoebox drop off - Nov 2016


A few children got the opportunity to deliver the kindly donated shoe boxes to St John's Church.


Everlasting Light recording session


Recently several children from KS2 took part in a recording session at Kesgrave High School. It was a great event and children will take part in a live performance in Dec 2016.


The Tudor Rose - Our end of year performance


Sport's Day


This year it was the Queen's birthday and the races had a royal theme hence wearing the crown. The weather wasn't kind to us so our sports day was spread over 2 days. It was all good fun though!


Whole School trip to Rendlesham Forest


This year we all went to the Forest for a fun filled day. There was a variety of activities that the children took part in which included den building, playing rounders, art activities and exploring the local environment. Children had a fun day and were certainly worn out by the end of the day.



Puffins & Ducklings trip to Alton Water


Our day was fun filled with a variety of activities which included observing the environment around them including looking for different plants / trees, pond dipping, a treasure hunt, floating the boats we made in class plus many more activities.


The Queen's birthday


Our pictures we created for the Queens birthday celebration. All of the pictures went on display in the village hall. Well done! They look fantastic!


Visit from Town 102

This week a few children were driven to school in style in the Town 102 truck. The children had been busy telling jokes on the radio station before their journey to school. Well done for being so confident. The children's names are not mentioned for safety reasons.

Walk to School week


Children were given the opportunity to walk to school recently if they were not able to participate in the 'Walk to School' week. The children all walked down to Lemon's Hill and then returned to school. Well done for all your efforts! More photos to be added!


Visit from Suffolk MP James Cartlidge  


We have had a busy few weeks including a visit from James Cartlidge who enjoyed meeting the children and looking at our new equipment in the Ducklings outside area. James is interested in supporting the Alton Water run and was pleased to see what we had purchased with the money we received from the event last year.


First Aid training


Recently the children took part in some first aid training. The children were very engaged and had plenty of questions for our Paramedics. The children were able to participate in practical activities which included putting a friend in the recovery position. Photos will be added soon (There are a few included the Puffins class newsletter dated the 27th May). Well done children!


Below is some feedback we received from the parents regarding the class sessions:-


"Yes, we have had demonstrations of the recovery position here too. Great to have visitors into the school sharing their skills. A big thumbs up from us, thanks"
"My child can do the recovery position, it's so positive for them to learn practical life skills like this."
"My daughter loved it. She's told me all about how to do the recovery position. I'm really pleased they have done this at school. Such an important thing to learn."
"We've had the recovery position demonstration too. Brilliant idea to do this at school - looking forward to tomorrow afternoon's parent session "
"My son told me he should dial 999 for emergency and he could say his address - hopefully we'll never need it!"
"I too have been placed in the recovery position this evening by our son. Brilliant they're learning such important skills"
"Such a brilliant idea - thank you for organising children loved it "

Alton Water run 2016


This weekend was the 2k, 5k & 10k run at Alton Water. It was a very well attended and successful event which raises a lot of money for our school. This year it was a sell out!


Well done to all the children and their families who were either running or supporting the event. Mrs Cocksedge, Mrs Derrett and Miss Bilner took part in the 5k and came in the top 100!


Have a look at the calm before the storm document at the bottom!


Visit the EADT link below for a follow up from the day:-


Queen's Birthday celebrations

To celebrate the Queen's birthday we had the staff and children from Chelmondiston CEVC Primary School join us.

A variety of activities were put on for the children which included making sandwiches / decorating cakes / making flags and creating medals. In the afternoon the children were involved in games and singing the national anthem. 

Life exhibition about Jesus

Our year 6 children from Grebes were invited to an exhibition at St Andrew's Church, Britannia Road, Ipswich this week. The exhibition was able the life of Jesus but presented in a very contemporary way, containing information for pupils to think about for themselves. Children got given a tablet to use which contained a mix of clips and cartoons for the children to explore.



Our Easter Service at St Mary's Church, Wherstead


Our service went very well this Easter. The Easter story was told along with prayers and poems. There was a great selection of songs with a few separate pieces played by the guitar and ukelule players along the choir. Well done to all!



Eco School and Grebes plant 60 trees!

National Science Week

The Grebes looked at the pond.
They will look at how it changes every 4 weeks.
Eco schools checked Ph levels in the soil.

Experience Church


This term our 'Open the book' team gave our children the opportunity to decorate jars to hold candles, write prayers, create a circle of hand prints plus a lot more. Children had a very enjoyable morning - Big thank you to all who created a fun selection of activities for our children to take part in.


World Book Day - Thursday 3rd March 2016


What an amazing day we have had in school. The costumes were fantastic. In classes there were reading / writing activities, storytelling, visits from parents who told stories to groups of children plus lots more. We even had a visit from the EADT who took some photos of us all. There is a special supplement being printed next Wed 9th March - Keep an eye out!


Below are a few photos from the day.


Where's Wenda?

Ground Force Day


Recently we had a group of parents who volunteered to help construct our poly tunnel, paint fences etc. Thank you to all the families that came and helped out. Jobs are progressing nicely and the school is looking rather smart. Thanks once again!


Trust Ford Volunteer Day


This term we had a visit from over 20 Trust Ford staff who work all over the UK. They volunteered to come into school and helping Staff with projects and odd jobs. We were fortunate to have the team visit us again this year and a big thanks to Amanda Moore for arranging it all. 


Below are a selection of photos from the day!


Circus Skills Assembly for a new circus club


Children have had the opportunity to join in with a selection of circus skills in preparation for a new club starting soon. More details are available from the office. 





Roy Turnham - Paralympian Footballer


We have been very fortunate to welcome GB Paralympic Footballer Roy Turnham to school recently. He is one of the newer members of the Football 5-a-side team. Roy made his Paralympic debut in London 2012 and was part of a team that finished in 7th place.


The children took part in a sponsored fitness circuit and this was followed up by a talk and a question and answer session. The aim was to inspire the children to take up sport generally but to encourage them to discover and then pursue their passion in life.


Below are some photos from the day - Enjoy!





Pancake Day


Great fun was had by the children on Tuesday for Pancake day. Children had to work in houses to flip the pancake on a tennis racquet. From the photos below you can see the fun that was had. Well done to Green team for winning the competition.



Young Voices - O2 Spring 2016


On the 26th January a number of children went to the O2 to take part in a performance with 7,490 children participating. The sound was amazing and children were having fun - what more could you ask for.


Our Epiphany Service at St Mary's Church


Recently we celebrated Epiphany at the church. If was a lovely service and great to see all the crowns the children had made over the holidays. Below are some photos:-


The Animals Special Night


What an amazing Nativity this year. Well done to all the children for learning the songs, dances and their lines - absolutely brilliant.


Below are a few photos from our community performance. A CD with photos on from the Nativity , Christmas lunch and class shots can be ordered from Mrs Cocksedge for £3.00. In addition a recording of the Nativity was also made and will be available to collect / purchase from the week beginning the 11th January 2016. Please again speak to Mrs Cocksedge. The cost of the DVD is £5.00.




We have been very fortunate to have been able to enjoy a production from ‘Open the Tent’, which is a touring storytelling production aimed at a Primary School audience.   The children heard about the Christian Nativity story. It was set in a Bedouin style tent with theatre lighting, scenery and props to add to the atmosphere and spark the imagination. It was also a sensory production and the children had the opportunity to experience scents they may not normally come in contact with. The day took place in the Village Hall and the team from Sifre in Ipswich transformed the hall for the setting. The children heard from the five ‘storytellers’ in a rotation. It was a fantastic day which both children and staff enjoyed taking part in so thank you.


Christingle Service at St Mary's Church, Tattingstone - Dec 2015

Making our Christingle's in house teams
Great to see older children helping the young ones
Excellent reading
Lightening the Christingles
Peter Green giving a blessing

Dress Bright Day


We have been fortunate to have a visit this term from PCSO Jo Adams. It was to introduce to the children 'Street feet' which is a way to help learn the green cross code. Children had to pretend they were vehicles and then pedestrians. 




Samaritan's Purse - Shoe box drop off


A few children today went to drop off all of the shoe boxes in Bentley for the Samaritan's purse. Children got to see how the boxes got sorted and packed up ready to be sent overseas and also got given a treat of a biscuit and drink (and a trip out in Mrs Derrett's car!)


Thank you to all of the children and their families that were able to support the cause. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.


Suffolk Philharmonic Orchestra 


We have been very fortunate to have had a visit from the Suffolk Philharmonic Orchestra (Nov 2015) to Tattingstone Village Hall. They were putting a lunchtime concert on for the local residents and felt it would be lovely for the school to be able to see the orchestra in action which was a great privilege for all children and staff. There was a selection of instruments from the string family brought to the performance which included a violin, viola (x2) and cello. Children were given the opportunity to listen and find out information about the different instruments which was fascinating. The Orchestra then played a selection of beautiful pieces for all to enjoy. Below are a selection of photos from the event.


Still image for this video

Dress the Guy competition


For Guy Fawkes this year (2015) the whole school have been working in their house teams to plan and make a Guy. Children had to first meet and discuss what materials they needed to bring into school and then on Friday morning the children got together in their houses and made their Guys. The children did brilliantly and photos are below of their creations.


1.Green team

2. Yellow team

3. Black team

4.Red team.


Green teams entry


A Big Congratulations needs to be given to Black team who managed to win £100 with which they will be given the opportunity to purchase a selection to playground equipment for the school.


Well done!



Our Harvest Festival Service at St Mary's Church, Tattingstone - 14th October 2015


Thank you to all the parents and family who were able to enjoy our lovely service. The children all did very well singing our whole school songs 'Conkers' and 'We plough the fields and scatter'.

During the service there was also a few readings, poems and class songs. Well done to our new Ducklings children who performed in the church also for the first time. 



Clips from Harvest Festival

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Whole School Trip to Bury St Edmunds to visit St Edmundsbury Cathedral


Children learnt about the history of the cathedral with a variety historical tours and activities, treasure hunts and even got to take part in some traditional games from the past.

Cinderella Rockerfella


Each year we put on a end of year production which involves the whole school taking part. In Summer 2015 we performed Cinderella Rockerfella.


Cinderella and Rockerfella is a modern, panto-style reworking of the classic tale with all the traditional characters: downtrodden Cinderella, Rockerfella (formerly known as Prince Charming), Buttons, the Ugly Sisters and the Fairy Godmother, together with a selection of additional characters, from music managers and paparazzi to good and bad fairies - all placed in a world of fame and celebrity.


Children had an amazing time and really got into their characters (even Mrs Derrett & Mrs Bilner took part).