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Children's achievements

Handball tournament - Fair play Award

We won!

The children that went to the hockey tournament this week WON the tournament and are now going to the county finals!! If we win the county finals we will go on to be the representative team for Suffolk in the national finals. All of the children did amazingly well and should be very proud of themselves. What a great achievement!

School Council 2018-19


To be part of the School Council, children had to be voted in by their class members. A child from each year group was chosen (apart from Reception).


The representatives for each year group are:

Helena Davy (Year 1), Charlotte Rapley (Year 2), Ella McNally (Year 3), Faith Davy (Year 4), Alana Goodwin (Year 5), Finley Hansell (Year 5) and Francesca Goodwin (Year 6)



Jeans for Genes Day, 21st September 2018

On 21st September, Tattingstone raised money for the Jeans for Genes Charity. This is a charity that raises money for people with genetic disorders. You can find out more about them on their website:


We raised £75!


MacMillan Coffee Morning, 5th October 2018

On 5th October, Tattingstone raised money for MacMillan Cancer Research as part of the MacMillan Coffee Morning.


Jessica in Puffins won our Bunting Colouring Competition, and Jake from Ducklings won the Guess the Length of the Roll Competition!


We raised £78!



Black History Month 2018

This year, for Black History Month, the School Council are running a competition for all students in the school to design a poster about a Black History Icon. This could be Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, or someone more recent like Barack Obama. This could also include sport stars like Muhammad Ali, Serena Williams, or Tommie Smith & John Carlos (Black Power salute from 1968 Olympics). Who is up to you!


The template is available below to print off, and there is also an example poster so you can see what we would like yours to look like.


Good Luck!


Poppy Art Gallery, 5 - 11th November 2018

Due to the success of last years Black History Month Art Gallery, this year the School Council are running a similar event, however the theme is instead based around World War 1, as it is 100 years since the end of World War 1.


This artwork will be displayed in St. Mary’s Church, Tattingstone, from noon on the 5th of November for parents and the community to view. There will be booklets available in the Church so parents can see to whom each piece of artwork belongs, and some work will also be left at the very back over the weekend so the Church congregation can also view it.


UK Parliament Week 2018

For UK Parliament Week 2018, the School Council is focusing on Women in Politics, as this year is 100 years since women were given the right to vote in the UK, and also 100 years since women were allowed into Parliament. We are going to be looking at women who are and have been involved in politics around the world, like Theresa May and Hillary Clinton. We will also be looking at the Suffragette movement and what happened 100 years ago which lead to women having the right to vote.


More to come.


Spring 2019

Last half term was a successful one for the School Council. This term, we have been concentrating on our termly focus of Healthy Eating – specifically reducing sugar in children’s diets. Students should remember the visit from a dental nurse last half term; she talked about the effect of sugar on our teeth and why it’s important to watch how much sugar we consume in our diets.

This half term, we have lots more activities planned that link to this focus and encourage healthy eating and living!


We are thrilled to announce that our bid for Healthy Pupil Capital Funding has been successful and the school will receive £2,900 to create a kitchen area in Puffins classroom (when Puffins move out to the portacabin) so that children can have proper cookery lessons as part of Design Technology lessons. The School Council talked about the new kitchenette we want to create to help promote healthy eating and cooking from scratch in their assembly on March 4th March. Since receiving the £2,900 grant towards the kitchenette, we have started planning and preparing for the new kitchenette after the Easter holidays. We are very excited for this and can’t wait for this to become a part of Tattingstone School.


Smoothie Day, Tuesday 5th March, and Change4Life Sugar Swaps, From Wednesday 6th March

On the afternoon of Tuesday 5th March, the School Council hosted a Smoothie Day – an event designed to show children the importance of thinking about what we eat and fun, creative ways we can include healthy food in our diets! In House groups, children had the opportunity to blend their own smoothies to drink and design their own Smoothie ‘brand’. Fruits and juices/milks/yoghurts were chosen beforehand in House meetings, so on the day children could work with their house leaders to make their smoothies.


Alongside Smoothie Day as part of our sugar reduction campaign, we encouraged students to cut out some high sugar food and drink this year over Lent. As part of Change4Lifes’ Sugar Swaps for Kids, they have released a list of ideas for how you can swap some high sugar food and drinks (e.g. fizzy drinks, frosted corn flakes, and chocolate bars) for lower level sugar foods (such no added sugar drinks, porridge, and sugar-free jelly). Although there are 4 different sugar swaps, we are trying to encourage students to stick with at least one of these swaps as a start.


The different swaps include:

THE BREAKFAST SWAP: swap frosted flakes, honey crunch cereal and chocolate cereal for wheat biscuit cereal, shredded wholegrain cereal, porridge or no added sugar muesli

THE DRINKS SWAP: swap cola, juice drinks, milkshakes and fizzy drinks for water, lower-fat milks, sugar-free drinks, and no added sugar drinks
THE YOGHURT SWAP: swap split pot yoghurts and higher-sugar yoghurts for fromage frais pots, lower-sugar yoghurts, or plain natural yoghurt

THE PUDDING SWAP: swap cake bars, chocolate pudding pots, doughnuts, and muffins for sugar-free jelly, lower-sugar yoghurt, lower-sugar rice pudding, fresh or tinned fruit (in juice), or lower-sugar custard.


We will hand out charts in class where students can pick whichever swap they want to try and then, at the beginning of each day, draw a smiley face if the previous day they avoided high sugar foods in their selected area.


More information about the Sugar Swaps can be found at Change4Life’s website: change4life/food-facts/sugar/sugar-swaps-for-kids#top-sugar-swaps


We have received a lot of positive feedback from the children about Smoothie Day and how much fun they had. Lots have expressed that it has encouraged them to try and eat healthier foods and it was an excellent opportunity to set up our Lent Sugar Swaps. Currently on display in the School Office is a display board about our Sugar Reduction Plan with lots of examples of what children are going to give up for Lent. Examples include swapping Fanta for water, cake for fruit, and chocolate biscuits for carrots, and we hope they have been keeping these swaps up at home! Along with these Lent promises is a copy of the PowerPoint from the School Council’s assembly where they promoted healthy living.


Red Nose Day 2019

For Red Nose Day, children came into school dressed in red in exchange for £1.  After school, the School Council hosted a red fruit cocktail sale, as part of our healthy eating initiative, and in total Tattingstone raised £96 for Red Nose Day!


Thank you to everybody who got involved!



Summer 2019

Our focus this term has been on Mental Health and Elections.


In School Council meetings we have been discussing the importance of been open and honest about mental health, and how we can encourage children at Tattingstone to talk to each other about what they're thinking and how they feel. We are hoping to plan some events in the upcoming half term to promote good mental health and wellbeing.


In the Summer term, the School Council always focus in some way on elections, due to the annual new School Councillor elections happening in the Summer term. This year, in preparation for the School Council Elections, the School Council meet with local Green Party representative and Orwell area Ward Jane Gould to ask her what elections are, what happens, and how do elections make candidates feel. The session proved to be very interesting and valuable to the councillors, and inspired them to change the style in which Tattingstone school vote.


To test what they had learnt, the School Council held a practise election on Thursday 13th June for Tattingstone students to try the new style of voting. In this practise election, the School Councillors paired up and created their own 'party' with three policies each (to create their manifesto), which they then talked about and promoted in an assembly.

The children of Tattingstone were then given the opportunity to vote for the different parties, but instead of using the traditional 'First Past the Post' voting style, instead used 'Proportional Representation'.

The winners of the Practise Election are to be announced on Friday 14th June.

Eco-Council trip to Sackers Scrap Metal Recycling Centre 


Eco-Council got invited to Sackers in preparation for World Recycling Day on Monday 18th March. We have got a skip arriving and the team have been promoting with posters what metal to bring to raise funds for the school.

Snape Maltings - Celebration of Music 2019


On the 9th March 2019 24 children sang at Snape Maltings. It was an amazing experience and one the children will certainly not forget. Well done to all involved.


To the staff and students of Tattingstone CEVCP School

A huge WELL DONE for taking part in


on Saturday 9 March 2019.


We just wanted to say a big thank you from everyone here at Snape Maltings. We really enjoyed having you here to perform in the Snape Maltings Concert Hall, and hope you had a brilliant day!

We’d love to see you all again so do look out for other opportunities here at Snape Maltings.

JRSO Awards event at Endeavour House - They achieved a Gold Award - Well done

Our Eco-council spent time creating a whale and turtle from recycled plastics with children from each class. Our creatures appeared at the Suffolk show (photos below).

Young Writers Competition


A number of poems written by children from Tattingstone School were chosen for publications by the Young Writers’ Little Riddlers competition. This is the 27th year that the annual competition has run, with in excess of 15,000 entries. The standard of entries has been very good and Little Riddlers has captured the young writers’ imaginations.


Choosing poems is to some extent, subjective and editors’ preferences do come into it, however, to achieve their aim of encouraging children to enjoy poetry, their editorial policy takes a broad view of what makes a good poem: perception, imagination and creativity are taken into account as well as expression, originality and use of language. The number of poems selected from each school varies a great deal depending on the number of entries and the standard of entries received from each school.

Little Riddlers 2018 – Suffolk, is scheduled for publication on 30th June.


Well done especially to:

Olivia Ratford-Needham for Pincher Prank

Charlotte Wallis for Mucky

Eva Robbie for Favourite Babe

Charlotte Cocksedge for The Magical Place

Oliver Wheatley for Moo

Mason Sivyer for Carnivore Creature.


Our Birds of Peace creations made for Suffolk recycling. These Birds will be on display at Ipswich Corn Exchange until 9th Jan 2018

School Council 2017-18


To be part of the School Council children had to be voted in by their class members. A child from each year group was chosen (apart from Reception).


The representatives for each year group are:

Charlotte Cocksedge (Year 1), Lilly Gayfer (Year 2 - Puffins), Cassie McNally (Year 2 - Kingfishers), Bo Lucas (Year 3), Charlie Cooper (Year 4), Mia Joseph (Year 5), and Ben Head (Year 6)


September 2017

In September, the School Council helped raise money as part of Jeans for Genes Day and MacMillan Coffee Morning. For Jeans for Genes day, £64 was raised.

Jeans for Genes Day 22/9/17  Jeans for Genes Day 22/9/17  Jeans for Genes Day 22/9/17

For MacMillan Coffee Morning £167 was raised.

 MacMillan Coffee Morning 29/9/17

 MacMillan Coffee Morning 29/9/17 MacMillan Coffee Morning 29/9/17 MacMillan Coffee Morning 29/9/17 MacMillan Coffee Morning 29/9/17

Thank you to everyone for wearing your jeans and bringing in cakes!


October 2017

Black History Month

Black History Month was celebrated throughout October, and each class allocated a week to focus on black history with the aim of producing some artwork to that theme. This artwork will be displayed in St. Mary’s Church, Tattingstone, from noon on the 20th of November for parents and the community to view. There will be booklets available in the Church so parents can see to whom each piece of artwork belongs, and some work will also be left at the very back over the weekend so the Church congregation can also view it.



November 2017

Visit from James Cartilidge MP, 17th November 2017

To celebrate UK National Parliament Week, (which is the 13th to the 17th of November,) it has been arranged for James Cartilidge MP, and representatives from other political parties to come into Tattingstone School to meet pupils from Kingfishers and Grebes classes. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions on different political topics.


Two candidates from the Labour Party came to Tattingstone on the morning of Friday 17th November to talk to Kingfishers class about UK politics, and following them James Cartilidge MP came in to talk to Kingfishers and Grebes class, and did a talk about what it is like in Parliament. It was a very informative morning, with the children gaining great insight into UK politics and parliament, and resulted in a successful UK Parliament Week at Tattingstone.




Children in Need Spotacular, 17th November 2017

Also the 17th of November is Children in Need day. For this we invite children to come to school in spotty non-uniform in return for a donation (recommended £1), which will be collected at the gate when pupils come into school. There will be some prizes, in the form of tubes of Smarties for best spotty outfit.


Around £140 was raised for Children in Need this year by Tattingstone Primary School with the combination of a Non-School Uniform Day on the 17th November 2017 and the selling of Rose's Plywood Pudseys (and we are very thankful for her contribution towards the fundraising efforts!). Throughout the day, the School Council ran a Spottiest Outfit Competition, with two winners per class and a tube of Smarties for each winner. The winners were as follows:

Ducklings- Lochlan & Olivia

Puffins- Elliot & Taylor

Kingfishers- Pavisha & Ashden

Grebes- Sam & Holly


The whole day was Spotacular!



Anti-Bullying Week Competition

Anti-Bullying Week is also the week 13th to 17th of November, and to raise awareness the School Council are running a competition for Key Stage 1 students and Key Stage 2 students.


Key Stage 1 students are invited to design a poster on what you should do if you’re being bullied or if you know someone who is being bullied. Entries should be handed into class teachers.


Key Stage 2 students are invited to write a poem or short story about being bullied and what you should do if you’re being bullied or know someone who is. Entries can be typed or handwritten, and short stories should be kept to a maximum of 250 words. These should be handed into class teachers. Please make sure your name and class is on it.


The deadline for the competition is 24TH NOVEMBER 2017.


The winners of the competition were decided in the School Council meeting on the 27th November. The winners and runner ups will be announced in assembly on Wednesday 29th November 2017, and both winners and runner ups will receive a friendship bracelet and the winners will receive a box of 3 Kinder Eggs.


Unfortunately, no Key Stage 2 students entered the competition, which was a shame, so instead of having a winner and a second place for each competition, the School Council decided instead to have a winner and second place from Ducklings class and Puffins class.



Posters on display on the playground


Black History Month Art Gallery, 20th - 24th November

At noon on the 20th November 2017, the Black History Month Art Gallery opened its doors to the public with work being displayed from across the school. It is all displayed to the rear of St. Mary's Church, Tattingstone until Sunday for those who wish to visit. The School Council would like to give a massive thank you to all the students for making such wonderful artwork, the teachers for allocating time within their lessons for the students to make such stunning artwork, Mrs. Perkins for helping to arrange the event, Mrs. Kirk for lending us the boards to display the work and Revd. Annette Shannon and the Church for letting us display the work in the Church.





“Excellent work and wonderful exhibition”

- R. Gillon

“Well done fantastic work!”

- C. Davy


December 2017

Christmas Jumper Day, 15th December 2017

On Friday 15th December, the School Council organised for everyone to come in wearing a Christmas jumper for Save the Children, in exchange for £1. In total, around £70 was raised!



Spring Term 2018

Throughout the Spring Term, the School Council have been planning what their foci will be and how they will go about achieving their goals in each of the four foci.


Their chosen areas of focus are: Attendance, Well-being, Spelling/Writing, and Playtimes.



The School Council are creating and maintaining a display board in the office orientated on Attendance. This includes information on why you should have good attendance, good reasons to go to school, and which class has the best attendance.



Concerns have been expressed in improving awareness of children's mental health and well-being due to high levels of stress that is currently placed on students. To raise awareness, the School Council have already made posters and made a new sign for the Buddy Bench to promote a friendly atmosphere within the School.  They also plan to hold a  'Well-Being and Healthy Living Awareness Week' from 16th to 20th July. This will involve looking at physical health (like taking part in sports and eating healthy), mental health (coping with stress and your feelings), and general well-being (for example being kind to each other and having a good working environment).



Writing has been shown to be an area in need of development for many students at Tattingstone. To help improve student's writing skills, the School Council has taken an interest in student's spellings, and are planning a spelling bee at the end of the Summer Term. All students will take part, and there will be a winner from each class. Each class will have word searches to complete throughout the term, and these will contain the words they need to learn how to spell for the Spelling Bee.



Playtimes have continued to be a priority for the School Council this academic  year, and fortunately there have been improvements. So, heading into the Summer Term, the School Council wishes to continue these improvements by reminding students of the need to put all equipment they use away at the end of break and lunch times tidily and that nobody should take equipment from the Play Leaders shed except Play Leaders. A timetable of activities will also be put up for students so they know what activities are available to do at break or lunchtimes.



Summer Term 2018

Similar areas of focus have been at the forefront throughout the Summer Term, with a lot of the ideas the School Councillors came up with in the Spring Term being put into action during the Summer Term.



Our board on attendance is still up in the office, and is updated every week with which class has the best attendance.



We have put up posters on the playground to inform children about proper use of equipment, and have tried to use mostly visual images on the posters so even the students who can't read yet understand who is and who isn't allowed to go in the equipment shed. There is also a new poster on the buddy bench, designed by some of the younger members of the School Council, explaining what is and when you should use it.


A Lunchtime Timetable has also been devised, based on a survey of the favourite activities students like to do at lunchtimes. This is on display on the playground.



Kingfishers have been using word searches as a tool for earning their spellings over the last term, at the request of the School Council. This trial has been successful, with positive feedback received from the Kingfishers School Councillors about how it is more interesting and engaging using the word searches to learn spellings.

A Spelling Bee will take place in Kingfishers on Thursday 12th July.


Health Living & Well-Being

'Health Living and Well Being Awareness Week' will take place from Monday 16th July to Friday 20th July with a variety of activities occurring throughout the week.


Emoji Day and Emoji Bingo

Emojis are an important tool for expressing emotions and feelings in a non-verbal way. This is why they can be useful in the discussion about mental health, and why the School Council have put an emphasis on them for this week. On Monday 16th July, students are invited to come into school dressed in clothing that is Emoji-themed. This is not a fundraising activity, so there is no need for donations. In the afternoon, pupils will meet in house groups and play Emoji Bingo, and prizes will be available.


Healthy Living Poster Competition

A competition will be running from Monday to Thursday of Healthy Living week where all students can design a ‘Healthy Living Poster’. A template will be sent out on Monday 16th July for children to use to design their posters, and the winners of the competition will be announced in assembly on Friday 20th July. Winning designs will be put up around the school, and the designers will receive a certificate.


Fun Run

School Councillors thought it would be a fun idea to do a fun run around the field/playground. Students from all year groups and classes will take part, and only have to run as many laps as they want to. At the end of the event, we will calculate how many metres have been run in total by all the students and calculate an equivalent distance. This is a ‘just for fun’ event, so students shouldn’t feel pressured to run more than the feel comfortable to.


Year 6 vs. Teachers Cricket Match

In previous years, Tattingstone has held Year 6 vs. Teachers rounders matches, which have proven to be successful and fun for the students. This year as a change of pace, it has opted to hold a cricket match.


Bring & Buy Sale

To raise money for a local mental health charity, the School Council will be hosting a Bring & Buy Sale on the playground on the afternoon of Sports Day. From now till the 19th of July, we would like to ask people to bring in donations (e.g. clothes, books, toys, etc.), which can be set up in a stall. There won’t be set prices for items, and instead we ask for a donation for any items you may want.

Our New JRSO's


We are pleased to announce that our recently appointed JRSO's are Olive, Francesca and Healy-Marie (Grebes). They have already been helping children from the cabin to practise "crossing the road" safely. 


Their next project will be to organise a "Bright day" to remind and encourage children, (and adults!) to be "visible" as the "shorter days" will soon be with us.



Thanks for all your competition entries for the posters - the winners will be announced soon.

Photos from Bright day are in the Recent events section.


Please approach the JRSO's with any issues of road safety.


Thanks Mrs Hobbs


Walk to School (Photos in recent events section) / JRSO work


Recently the children walked to school with the JRSO's and there is  some feedback from the experience below.


Dear Mrs Derrett.


 I would like to say what a lovely opportunity the walk to school week was.  I had the chance to take part with my granddaughter from Puffins.  The children were well behaved and led by a confident JRSO Connie who religiously documented their names every day and guided them to school.

It was a great opportunity for the children to talk with each other as well as the adults who may have not done so otherwise. 




Mrs Theresa Vinnicombe.


To be a prefect the children were given the opportunity should they wish to write about why they think they would be a good prefect. Children were elected based on their application.



This year all KS1 and KS2 have had the opportunity to apply for a position on the Eco-Council. Children had to comment on why they would like to be on council and what improvements they feel we could do as a school to become Eco-friendly.


8 children were welcomed onto the committee and the children who are our Eco-Council members are:-


Ashden Harvey

Wilf Newport-Herring

Isobel Bond

Samuel Cocksedge

Leon Moscrop

Faith Davy

Finley Hansell

Elliot Hobson


All children have undertaken an environmental review of the school as a team and will be looking at three areas that they can work on in order to gain an Eco-Schools award.

Suffolk Christmas Card Competition - Dec 2016


This year all children were given the opportunity as homework to create a Christmas card cover based on Christmas in Suffolk. Entries were submitted to James Cartlidge who is the MP for South Suffolk. We are pleased to announce that one of our Grebes children were selected as one of the 4 runners up. The card was even going to be sent to the Prime Minister. Well done!


Young Artist Art Work on display at Aldeburgh. 


Well done to the children whose work was selected.