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Children's achievements


Young Artist Art Work on display at Aldeburgh. 


Well done to the children whose work was selected.


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Suffolk Christmas Card Competition - Dec 2016


This year all children were given the opportunity as homework to create a Christmas card cover based on Christmas in Suffolk. Entries were submitted to James Cartlidge who is the MP for South Suffolk. We are pleased to announce that one of our Grebes children were selected as one of the 4 runners up. The card was even going to be sent to the Prime Minister. Well done!

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Walk to School (Photos in recent events section) / JRSO work


Recently the children walked to school with the JRSO's and there is  some feedback from the experience below.


Dear Mrs Derrett.


 I would like to say what a lovely opportunity the walk to school week was.  I had the chance to take part with my granddaughter from Puffins.  The children were well behaved and led by a confident JRSO Connie who religiously documented their names every day and guided them to school.

It was a great opportunity for the children to talk with each other as well as the adults who may have not done so otherwise. 




Mrs Theresa Vinnicombe.


This term children have been elected to be Prefects and Junior Road Safety Officers from years 5 & 6. Opportunities have also been given for all children in the school to become part of the School Council and the Eco-Committee. Big Congratulations to all children who have been elected.



To be a prefect the children were given the opportunity should they wish to write about why they think they would be a good prefect. Children were elected based on their application.





Children had to write about why they wanted to be part of the committee.




School Council

To be part of the School Council children had to be voted in by their class members. A child from each year group was chosen (apart from Reception).





Children had to complete an application form as to why they want to be a Junior Road Safety Officer. This includes activities with our local police officer through being part of assemblies and even using speed cameras in our village. Watch out!


Autumn 1 2016 update - Thank you to those children who applied to be Junior Road Safety Officers. I look forward to working with our 'newly recruited' team of George .S, Isabel .K and Molly .W. The JRSO noticeboard is opposite the staff room and the JRSO's will be happy to help with any issues of road safety.